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Here’s an interesting insight from our recent global benchmark study: almost half of CPOs said they were not satisfied with the current pace of digital transformation. Yet, more than 90% said digitalization was their top priority for 2021.

So, why are digital initiatives more difficult than we originally anticipated? The answer comes down to this critical, yet simple concept: Digital alone is not a strategy. And successfully adding digital enablers to your procurement ecosystem requires a more thoughtful and holistic approach.

Let’s take a real-life example from our internal WNS procurement team. Last year, we implemented an RPA bot to automate manual PR processing. We mapped out the user experience. We built the product based on user empathy. However, we didn’t fully prepare for the anxiety caused within our team. We reset the project and revised the implementation plan to include more education and coaching. Now, the team happily spends 80% of their time on understanding stakeholder expectations and tackling more strategic analytics projects.

Our agile agile and comprehensive approach to digital initiatives is one of the reasons why WNS Denali was recently named “one of the strongest and most influential providers” for Procurement Digital Transformation Services by ISG.

Keep reading this edition of The Lever to download the full procurement benchmark report, access the ISG research on top procurement service providers, and discover our latest insights to help you with your digital transformation.

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WNS Denali is proud to be named a “Global Leader” in both the Procurement BPO and Digital Transformation by Information Services Group (ISG) in its March 2021 Provider Lens™ Global Quadrant report.

In the ISG Provider Lens™ report, WNS Denali is recognized for having an exceptional portfolio of procurement-focused services combined with a best-in-class Center of Excellence (CoE). These strengths help enable continuous improvement for both internal and external stakeholders. In terms of digital transformation of the procurement enterprise, ISG recognized WNS Denali as one of the strongest and most influential service providers.

To learn more, read the Press Release or download the full ISG Ranking report here.
Procurement Pulse Check: Top Priorities for 2021 – Alignment and Impact.

It's official — 2021's most in-demand Benchmark Report is released!

In this new 2021 Benchmark Report by WNS Denali and ProcureCon Europe, more than 100 procurement executives from around the world shared their perspectives on the current state of priorities in their organization today and in the future.

Discover which gaps are impeding CPOs and their organizations from capturing optimum value. Get your free Procurement Pulse Check whitepaper and gain quantified insights to bolster your strategic planning with confidence and purpose.

Download the full benchmark report to learn how other CPOs are charting their course in 2021.
#AskAlpar: Procurement Priorities for 2021 - What’s Next?

Join Alpar and Denis Royer in this new episode of #AskAlpar where they discuss how procurement teams are moving forward when everything is a burning priority.

Watch the short episode for advice on overcoming the biggest gaps in #procurement today and forging through the fire with confidence. Watch now.
A Talent-First Approach: The Missing Piece of the Procurement Transformation Puzzle

Procurement is at an inflection point. Today, C-suite conversations are rife with consequences of the pandemic. Leadership teams are discussing strategic ways to build business resilience and become more agile. And there is no other function in the business that is better equipped than procurement to drive innovation, improve processes, manage risk, and lead business development. The key to seizing these opportunities is having the right talent to support and build a robust procurement ecosystem. 

Download this ISG research paper and learn how to fill talent gaps through training and capability-building strategies. Download now! 
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Great mentorship insights from Ese Iweh of Facebook!
In a recent "fireside chat" with our client, Ese Iweh from Facebook, shared her algorithm for a successful career in procurement operations. Ese’s thoughts provided some valuable guidance for clients looking to maximize their talent management capability.

Ese’s non-linear path to her current procurement job offers lessons for us all, particularly the 52% of CPOs who reported in our recent Procurement Pulse Check Benchmark Survey that they need to improve their talent management and capability building.
And if you missed the chat, don't worry: here is the session recording!
Executive Perspectives: Advice for Women Procurement Leaders Who Choose to Challenge

During the Women's History Month, we have encouraged our network to #ChooseToChallenge. Moving forward, we want to leave you with a fresh executive perspective from Julie Brignac, our Corporate SVP, Client Services & Delivery.

Julie discusses not only how to define those "Choose to Challenge" moments, but how her fellow women #procurement leaders can use their voice and challenge more in their careers.

Read our latest blog and learn how to continue making history throughout the year by choosing to challenge! 
Meet Murali Nair, who has joined WNS Denali as Senior Director – Quality!

Murali joins us from our corporate WNS Digital and Transformation team and he will be responsible for leading our Quality function and implementing a robust and consistent quality process across our client accounts.
We are thrilled to have his 20+ years of quality and transformation experience in our team.

Welcome Murali! 
#WeDenali #ProcurementPeople
Keynote Session: How To Improve Your Procurement Ecosystem with Design Thinking with WNS Denali

We’re excited to be part of the SIG Insights Procurement Technology Summit! Join us as we rise stronger together to create a new future for #sourcing and #procurement leaders worldwide! #ProcurementReborn Register free!
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